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New York City is a world economic leader, home to a vast number of companies from large to small. If you’re a business owner in New York City Metro-area, there’s a good chance you’ll need an attorney at some point. Our firm is dedicated to serving the needs of New York businesses. Whether you have a transactional matter or are dealing with litigation, our firm has the experience it takes to represent your best interests.

Our clients are new and established companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, corporations, partnerships, and many other businesses. We realize the amount of painstaking work you’ve invested into your company, and we also understand how critical it is to know that the legal side of your business is being handled well. Our firm will craft a client-based, personalized solution that addresses your needs and achieves your goals.

Business Law Overview

Our firm exclusively practices business law in the New York City Metro-area.

When we first discuss your matter, we start by examining your specific needs and answering your questions. If you have a transactional matter, such as a contract you need to have revised, we ensure you understand the proposed strategy while protecting your rights. If you’re defending against a lawsuit, or are considering filing a lawsuit, we will discuss with you the aspects of your case that work in your favor and the aspects that the other side might claim in the lawsuit. 

One of our firm’s values is to fully understand the facts and circumstances of your particular matter, as well as the specifics of each business transaction or business dispute. Knowing the facts and each party‚Äôs preferences is very important in our effort to provide our clients extraordinary service. We know your time and money are important, so we strive to resolve your matter as quickly as possible so you can get back to your business.

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We are also creative with our approach because we know there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the needs of our clients. Our firm devises solutions that our clients may not have considered while addressing the benefits and drawbacks of potential courses of action. On the litigation side, if there’s a way to settle a dispute out of court, we will work towards that.

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