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Our firm’s practice is focused exclusively on two general areas of business law centered on business contracts:

(1) Business transactions (including M&A, corporate finance, securities law)
(2) Business disputes (including court litigation and alternative dispute resolution)

Business Law

Our law firm is dedicated exclusively to the law of business contracts–whether it be for a business transaction or a business dispute. Our firm represents companies of all sizes in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida with offices in New York City and Long Island. We focus on the specific goals of each client by crafting practical solutions to achieve their business goals under particular circumstances. With extensive experience in various areas of business law, our firm serves clients in both transactional (business deal) matters and litigation (disputes with other parties).

Our clients include established businesses, as well as start-ups, entrepreneurs, high-level executives, and Angel and Venture Capital-type investors in a wide array of industries. We understand the challenges faced by various businesses and various business matters, as well as the peace of mind that comes with understanding how to solve the legal issues that arise in the course of operating a business or entering into a business. That’s why we approach every matter with dedication, efficiency, and professionalism–with a personal touch.

Areas of Business Law On Which Our Firm Focuses

We focus on two aspects of business law: 

  1. business deals and transactions; and 
  2. business disputes and resolutions. 

Business deals and transactions

The following are some examples of the services that we provide to our clients:

  • General counsel. The most important value that we provide is a strategy and a detailed, simplified explanation of various solutions with respect to business issues. We provide our clients with a plan that integrates business efficiencies and procedures along with contracts to protect and grow businesses. In addition, we write, review, revise, and negotiate business contracts to protect businesses. 

Some examples of the types of business deal and  transactions for which we counsel our clients to include:

  • (M&A) Purchase and sale of businesses. If you’re buying or selling a business, we can help. Our law firm has big-law firm experience with stock and asset purchases, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and tax-free reorganizations.
  • Business financing. When businesses need financing, there are several lengthy documents that should be reviewed and discussed with experienced counsel. Specifically, there are myriad clauses in the documents that memorialize business loans, equipment leases, and lines of credit. Additionally, if a business seeks an investment from VCs, Angels, or high net-worth investors, entrepreneurs and business owners can easily lose control of their business if they do not understand the nuances of the documents that are required for those types of financing deals.
  • Business contracts. When operating a business, it is inevitable that it will be asked to sign a contract or provide a contract to enter into a business contract. Those in-the-ordinary courses of business contracts include contracts with suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, various independent contractors, technology support providers, licensing of intellectual property (IP), including software, trademarks, and patents. 

Our firm also assists businesses with having contracts in place with their employees, including contracts for incentivizing them to continue their employment (such as with stock options or phantom equity) and mitigating employees’ ability to threaten their employers’ legitimate business interests after employees resign. 

Our firm can assist you with the complexities that arise from those contracts to protect businesses against onerous clauses that may increase their business risk and threaten their livelihood of the business.

  • Succession planning. Our firm can also assist business owners and partners to prepare a plan to protect their business and their rights in the event of their untimely death or incapacity or in the event of an unforeseen, future dispute among the owners.
  • Business formation. Our firm also assists with forming various business entities, including LLCs, partnerships, and corporations. We also assist our clients with maintaining the requisite documents to comply with the requirements that are necessary to protect business owners from personal liability that may arise even though they operate their business in the form of a business entity.

Business disputes and resolutions

The following are some examples of the services that we provide to our clients:

  • Initiating lawsuits based on another person’s breach of a business contract. 
  • Defending lawsuits based on another person’s accusation that a business breached a contract.
  • Initiating lawsuits based on a breach of a partnership agreement, shareholders agreement.
  • Defending lawsuits based on partner’s or other shareholder’s accusation that a partner or shareholder breached a partnership or shareholders agreement.
  • Representing clients in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as mediation and arbitration.

Some of our clients have been in business for years. Perhaps they want to branch off into a new industry and acquire a smaller company that will help accomplish their objectives. Other clients come to us at the very beginning of their business life cycle. They may want to know the best type of legal entity to form that will meet their needs. Whether your business is large or small, old or new, we’re excited to be a part of your journey and are ready to make it a success.

Every transaction entails risk, and the last thing you need is a legal problem getting in the way of your business. That’s why we recognize the importance of addressing every client matter with a customized approach. If you’re trying to start a company, close a deal, finance a new product line, or engage in any number of other business matters, you deserve a law firm that carefully and accurately advises you of potential issues that might arise.

We take concrete steps to mitigate these risks by devising comprehensive legal strategies that are drawn from our experience with business law. If necessary, we take matters to trial or defend you in litigation. Many disputes that would otherwise go to court, further distracting you and depleting your resources, can be successfully negotiated and settled.

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