Our Business Transactions Philosophy

We know that understanding the intricacies of business transactions and business disputes can sometimes be overwhelming. 

We are dedicated to explaining those intricacies using language that you can understand–without sacrificing the details.

Our firm’s philosophy is predicated on two unwavering cornerstones:

  1. Client-centric. We work with our clients to carefully analyze and seek to understand the facts of each business transaction and each business dispute.
  2. Team-centric. We work as a team–whether with respect to business transactions or business disputes–when necessary and justified by the specific task.

Conversely, we also work individually in an effort to be productive and cost-efficient.

We understand that every business entails risk. Too many attorneys spend too much of your valuable time and money trying to eliminate the risk, which could kill or substantially delay the deal because the counterparty will object to such extreme risk-shifting. Therefore, in addition to identifying the risks inherent in each business transaction or business dispute, we strive to provide legal strategies to mitigate such risk.

Also, we believe that a startup entrepreneur or business owner knows his or her business better than any attorney whose knowledge of that business is limited to providing legal services. Therefore, we strive to identify, explain, and provide solutions to the risks arising in connection with various business contracts and transactions, but allow the business owner or startup entrepreneur to determine whether to take the risk and, if so, how much risk they want to take to get the deal done. 

woman reviewing business contract

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