Although we focus our practice on private companies in the middle market, our experience includes representing businesses from formation to IPO and beyond.

Our clients’ industries include:

  • technology
    • software licensing and development
    • services
      • B2B
      • B2C
      • healthcare
      • telecommunications
      • travel
  • nutraceutical – supplements from natural herbs and botanicals
    • manufacturing, supply, and distribution
  • home furniture and decor
    • manufacturing, supply, and distribution
  • audio-visual and remote security
    • design
    • build
  • compensation survey publication
  • energy credit generation
  • freight forwarding
  • hardware/DEM manufacturing
  • aftermarket parts
    • auto
    • airplanes

With respect to our Business Transactions practice area, we generally do not represent clients whose businesses are heavily regulated or whose principal business is B2C, such as:

  • banks and insurance companies
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • public companies’ SEC filings